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How to Bend the Pickleball Club Revenue Equation

Court utilization and average hourly rate are the essential inputs to your pickleball club’s revenue equation. Small increases in these inputs can lead to large increases in revenue.

The Guide to Starting Your Pickleball Business | PodPlay

Your club’s size, business model, membership structure, pricing, programming, and other factors are crucial to running a profitable pickleball business.

Why User-Generated Replays Matter | PodPlay

Learn how PodPlay transforms the way players capture and share authentic moments in racquet sports clubs with seamlessly integrated user-generated replays.

Sharks Pool Club: A PodPlay Case Study

PingPod’s acquisition of Sharks Pool Club resulted in increased profitability after implementing PodPlay’s technology to power reservations, replays and autonomous mode.

Digital Scoreboards + DUPR

Transform the playing experience at your Pickleball club with PodPlay's digital scoreboards and DUPR integration. These features work seamlessly with the core PodPlay reservation management system.

What Consumers Want

By minimizing variable labor costs, the autonomous model allows a venue to stay open more hours, while adding very little marginal cost.

Changing the Game

PodPlay’s integrated replay functionality gives customers the ability to capture and share great moments and turn them into shareable content.

The Coaching Flywheel

The PodPlay Coach Connect feature makes it simple for customers to find the right coach for them. They can simultaneously book a court and a lesson with just a few taps.

Managing Time-Bound Inventory

At PodPlay, we are focused on helping our customers manage time-bound inventory (such as courts, tables, or appointments) in order to maximize utilization.

Built by Players for Players

By substituting technology for labor, the PingPod model could simultaneously keep costs low and allow the Pods to stay open more hours than a traditional club.