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Pickleball Court Reservation Software

Level up your pickleball club with best-in-class pickleball scheduling software that customers love.

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PodPlay was built

by players for players

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We wanted to play,
not administer a schedule

When we started PingPod, we needed an easy and intuitive scheduling system so we could focus on the game instead of costly day-to-day management of our clubs. That system became PodPlay.

Today our venue business is growing fast, but our scheduling software is growing even faster. When pickleball clubs experienced PodPlay , they started asking to license the app, so we launched PodPlay in 2023 as a vertical SaaS solution for pickleball club management.

Now any pickleball business owner can offer their customers the most intuitive reservation system in the market, fully integrated with highly sought after hardware-enabled features like video replays and digital scoreboards.

David Silberman Co-Founder and CFO at PingPod/PodPlayBen Borton, Co-Founder at PodPlay TechnologiesMax Kogler, CEO at PingPodIlya Rivkin, CTO at PingPodErnesto Ebuen, Chief Product Officer at PingPod

Common Challenges for Pickleball Club Owners & Operators

Playing pickleball is easy and fun. Managing your club should also be rewarding.

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Every pickleball business has the same frustrations:

Are you having problems staffing your pickleball club?

Staffing your club gets expensive and manual scheduling is error prone. When players walk-in or call to reserve a pickleball court, problems can occur.

Is your scheduling disorganized with an outdated pickleball reservation system?

Running your business on outdated reservation software or disorganized paper scheduling can lead to overbookings and unhappy pickleball players.

Is your inventory causing missed opportunities to generate revenue for your club?

Inventory that isn't reserved becomes a missed opportunity to generate revenue from optimized scheduling, open plays, coaching sessions, private events and other programming.

Are you having a hard time keeping your pickleball players engaged?

It's hard to keep players engaged. Having an easy, secure, mobile accessible booking experience with easily discoverable offerings that appeal to your target customers is critical.

Get the Pickleball Management System of the Future

Streamline your operations and improve profitability with PodPlay's pickleball court reservation app that eliminates costs and delivers key benefits:

Reduce manual scheduling of court times with pickleball reservation software

Our modern, mobile-first pickleball reservation system delights players and eases the burden on your staff.

Add features like digital scoreboards and video replays

Position your club for the future with hardware-enabled features like digital scoreboards and video replays that are fully integrated into PodPlay.

Less staff overhead with autonomous pickleball business upgrades

Eliminate your labor expense with an autonomous mode upgrade so your pickleball club can stay open more hours without the staffing overhead.


Trusted by Pickleball Businesses to Deliver the Best Experience

Increase Your Pickleball Court Utilization

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PodPlay's easy and intuitive mobile interface is used by players, coaches, and your team and is powered by an advanced algorithmic court assignment engine.

Your customers don't waste time trying to schedule their next pickleball game session. Instead, the system manages your inventory to provide players with convenient options that optimize your court usage and maximize revenue. Set and manage peak vs. off-peak pricing to balance court usage throughout the day.

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Amplify Your Pickleball Brand with Integrated Video Replays

Serve up more fun and value by giving your players video replays delivered to their phones.

Add optional hardware to each pickleball court with the PodPlay Pro Tier and your customers will be able to capture video and share their favorite moments across social media – spreading the word about your pickleball facility at the same time.

Amplifying your brand through user-generated content adds additional revenue that provides a return on the marginal upgrade cost.

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Track pickleball scores with digital scoreboards in the app

Keep Score with Digital Scoreboards

Enhance your players' court experience with digital scoreboards connected to the PodPlay pickleball scheduling app. We use DUPR, the world's leading pickleball rating system.

Your customers can play harder, argue less, and compare their scores.

With PodPlay on the court and on their phones, players can:

Effortlessly keep track of who is serving and game scores

Keep track of who serves and pickleball game scores

See scores on other courts (particularly useful for tournaments)

Track tournament scores across pickleball courts

Submit scores to DUPR for challenge matches (coming soon)

Submit your challenge match scores to DUPR

The PodPlay Experience


Easily Manage Your Pickleball Club Members

Free your staff from managing your pickleball club membership through the PodPlay pickleball scheduling app.

Set up membership tiers and benefits to drive profit, volume, and growth, then handle it all with easy in app sign-ups and recurring payments. Players manage their membership in the app and you manage their perks, events, and pricing in the same simple-to-use system.

Manage your pickleball memberships and tiers in the appbottom diagonal


Control Your Club's Branding with White Label Apps

Brand the white-label PodPlay app with your own look and feel across iOS, Android, the mobile web, and desktops with a responsive interface that works across platforms.

Instead of offering a confusing brand experience by running your business on an app with the vendor's logo on it, you keep your pickleball club brand front and center. With PodPlay, you increase your brand, and only your brand, for a stronger connection with your customers and members.

Manage your pickleball club branding with white label appsbottom diagonal


Connect Pickleball Players With Coaches

Players who get coaching are valuable and engaged customers.

Deepen your relationship with players and increase engagement by helping them find a pickleball coach directly in the PodPlay pickleball reservation app.

Streamline onboarding of new independent contractors through the PodPlay app so pickleball coaches can more easily connect with players.

Connect pickleball players and coaches in the appbottom diagonal


Manage & Promote Pickleball Events & Programming

Events and special programming bring attention to your pickleball club, strengthen relationships between players and coaches, and contribute to a vibrant and thriving pickleball community in your club.

Use the PodPlay pickleball court reservation system to schedule open plays, tournaments, leagues, group classes, clinics, private events, and more.

Promote pickleball events and programming through the appbottom diagonal


Stay Open More Hours + Lower Your Labor Costs with Autonomous Mode

Don't limit your operating hours to the availability of staff or limit your profits with high labor costs. An autonomous pickleball business model opens opportunities for your club and players around the clock to get the experience they want.

In a time when players are open to and even prefer to control their experiences, your business can focus on providing a quality playing experience at the times that work best for your customers.

Adopt the autonomous pickleball business model for better club management


PodPlay Integrates with Best-in-Class Software Solutions

You don't have to be advanced with technology to integrate PodPlay pickleball scheduling into your business.

We built the system with an API-based architecture so this best-in-class pickleball reservation software is easy to integrate with best-in-class payment, communication, email marketing, player rating, and data visualization apps – and more. PodPlay offers integrations with:

Easily integrate PodPlay's pickleball scheduling into your business across other SaaS solutions


Gain Business Insights with In-App Reporting & Analytics

Keep track of how well your pickleball business is performing with in-app reporting and club analytics.

Add the optional Analytics Plus upgrade to track revenue, utilization and customer behavior trends with deep analytical insights visualized in Tableau.

Why We're Obsessed with Pickleball

Pickleball is fun, easy to learn, and positively addicting. It has exploded in popularity among people looking for a good workout that is safe, accessible, and social.
That is why it is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. for the third year running, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), growing 223.5% in the last three years. 13.5 million Americans gave pickleball a try last year–that is almost as many people playing America’s pastime of baseball, which had 16.7 million participants. 

  1. Pickleball is fun and builds community. The sport brings people together, with players forming friendships, having fun, and socializing around matches. The game appeals to all kinds of people and offers a mix of strategy, skill, and physical activity that is fun for different age groups and fitness levels.
  2. Pickleball is easy to learn, affordable and accessible. Unlike the steep learning curves, need for expensive equipment, and the cost of travel that other sports entail, pickleball is simple. All you need is a court, a net, a paddle, some balls, and shoes, and you are ready to play.
  3. Pickleball improves health through increased physical activity. Pickleball is a dynamic game that improves balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It is a low-impact way to stay active, ideal for those recovering from injuries or with limited mobility.
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  • How much does PodPlay cost for pickleball court owners?

    Monthly fees range from $30 per court to $350 per court, depending on the tier chosen. The hardware-enabled pro and autonomous tiers open profitable new revenue streams that stimulate growth for a high ROI, offsetting the additional cost.

  • What are the different tiers of the PodPlay offering?
    • Basic: White label branded web app.
    • Basic+: White label branded web app + branded iOS and Android apps.
    • Pro: White label branded web app + branded iOS and Android apps + integrated digital scoreboards and video replays.
    • Autonomous: White label branded web app + branded iOS and Android apps + integrated digital scoreboards and video replays + remote door access and 24/7 remote security monitoring.
  • How long is a typical PodPlay contract?

    12 month initial term , cancellable with 90 days notice.

  • How long does it take to set up with PodPlay and start benefiting from it?

    Basic service gets you started in as little as a week when you have your branding ready and your business logic well defined.

    Basic+ can take 2-3 weeks when your branding and business logic is ready to go. Pro and autonomous installations take 1-3 days and require at least 4 weeks advance scheduling. We recommend scheduling farther in advance to ensure equipment availability.

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